Beauty Diary About Us

Beauty Diary is a one-stop all channel solution provider to help intertional beauty brand senter chinamarket
Our team have sound track record in lanching and growing beauty brnds in china
Expertise on business strategy and brand marketing
Expertise on digital and ecommerce strategy and excution
Responsible for managing celebrity-backed beauty brands under Lafaso
Managed the pillar brand Jplus brand under Fleet Entertainment , achieved record-break daily sales and brand ranking in multiply
ecommerce channels, with annual brand sales at over US$30 million
Founding member of Meiqiao APP , a live streaming online
shopping APP under Fleet Entertainment, pioneered KOL live streaming
Expertise in digital marketing and PR, served leading consumer groups
international and domestically including Reckitt Benckiser, Haier etc
We are backed by investor with extensive celebrity
networks and beauty brand experiences in China
Presenter and producer of famous TV programs including “Super Gather News”,
“Formula-E”, “Pretty Woman”
Beauty brands that our partnership networks served
Some of the medias our partnership network covers
Our businsee model is to provide end-to-end all channel sution to tailor for each brand to ensure their long-term success in china market
One-stop all channel solution
Marketing and PR capabilities Data analytics capabilities Logistics, custom and warehousing capabilities