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Effect witness strength, Beauty Diary released the results of the “28 days of Real and effective” medical beauty science and popular reality evaluation phase

In August 2022, at the Mayworth site in Hangzhou, the “Mayfair 28 Days of Authenticity and Effectiveness” medical beauty science popularization live person evaluation activity witnessed by TPM was continuously carried out, and the phased results of the activity were released to the society.

The number of participants in this evaluation is 180, and they are divided into three groups based on age group, with one group consisting of 60 people. The first age group is between 25 and 29 years old; The second age group is

30-35 years old; The third age group is 35-40 years old; The user professions participating in the evaluation include more than 10 professions or groups, including clerks, journalists, educators, and treasure mothers. TPM detection data shows that the skin thickness of the three groups of people increases around 28 days, and the density of epidermal and dermal tissues continues to increase, resulting in significant and long-lasting anti-aging effects. Moreover, compared to Gemaji, the pain response during the treatment process is minimal, with higher safety and comfort.