Beauty Diary

Beauty Diary completed A series of financing of tens of millions of dollars, and cut into the upstream of the light medical beauty industry with DTC

36 Krypton learned that “Beauty Changing Diary” has completed a round A financing of tens of millions of dollars, led by Jinsha River Venture Capital, co invested by Yinguniverse Group (the original Yingke Mutual Entertainment Group) and Chengdu Chongqing Baijing Cultural Industry Investment, and the old shareholders Ceyuan Venture Capital and Qifeng Capital have continued to make additional investments. This financing will be used for the construction of the brand DTC ecological platform, the incubation of industry explosive products, and the strengthening of digital and intelligent operations.

Bianmei Diary was established in 2020 and is a company that provides operational service solutions for light medical beauty device brands. Based on its “beauty changing DTC” model, utilizing the entire network traffic system and content matrix to directly reach consumers with light medical beauty products, improving brand awareness, reducing diversion costs, and increasing the profits of medical beauty institutions.

Previously, Bianmei Diary’s main business was medical beauty live streaming, which promoted the conversion rate of medical beauty projects through live streaming and earned live streaming profits. The annual GMV could reach around 2 billion yuan, promoting transactions and cooperation with over 2100 stores in over 170 cities across the country, with an average unit price of over 6500 yuan per customer.

The vast majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 35. These users have good work and consumption abilities, and their needs are mainly focused on anti-aging, which is the main consumer group of medical beauty devices on the C-end.

Shao Shuai, the founder of Bianmei Diary, told 36 Krypton that with the gradual release of domestic medical device approval by the National Drug Administration, some light medical beauty devices and new products will spring up like mushrooms in the future, and these products will far surpass traditional imported equipment such as the United States and Israel’s Thermokit and ultrasonic scalpel in terms of performance, user experience, cost-effectiveness, and other aspects, I think there is actually a big opportunity, which is the replacement of domestic medical devices with light medical beauty

Driven by new opportunities, Meimei Diary has started to make breakthroughs upstream this year, with a focus on sales of medical beauty devices. According to Shao Shuai, in the sales of traditional medical beauty upstream products, most of them are sold by upstream enterprises to medical beauty institutions through distribution or direct sales models. Medical beauty institutions mainly educate and sell users, and the responsibility and cost of obtaining traffic are mainly attributed to medical beauty institutions. The cost of customer acquisition remains high, and the industry’s gross profit distribution presents an inverted pyramid model. Upstream gross profit is generally above 70%, while downstream medical beauty institutions’ gross profit is generally below 30%.