Become beautiful little red bottle

Beauty Diary and good you jointly develop “change the beauty small red bottle” cross-border light luxury maintenance

Recently, Changmei Diary Technology has crossed the line of light luxury care oral skincare products and collaborated with Haoxiang You Group to develop an oral efficacy product: Changmei Little Red Bottle.

Bianmei Diary has been established for only 2 years and has become a medical beauty live streaming platform with over 2 billion live transactions. Starting from 2021, Bianmei Diary has become a product technology company focused on “anti aging and renewable” products, with multiple medical beauty and anti-aging equipment and instruments under its umbrella.

I really want your group to focus on deeply cultivating the entire industry chain of red dates, continuously exploring the nutritional value and efficacy of red dates in research and development. With over 200 patents related to red dates, it has created 54 firsts in the industry. I really want your group to not only deeply cultivate in the field of traditional nutrition and nourishment, but also continuously expand the big health concept and market of medicine and food.

This oral efficacy product “beautifying small red bottle” developed by both parties, the added Sodium hyaluronate is a new generation of patent Hyaluronic acid Gaussian HA developed by Lingpei’s academic team, which is called the father of Hyaluronic acid in China. It is the latest generation of Sodium hyaluronate in the market that can achieve full molecular weight and is easily absorbed.

The entire product formula contains 0 sucrose, 0 hormones, 0 preservatives, and 0.3% ultra-low fat (mainly from natural fats in red dates).

In recent years, oral efficacy skin care products have shown a trend of rapid growth, characterized by high customer price and strong customer stickiness. In particular, since the country approved Hyaluronic acid as the food raw material in January 2021, a large number of related products have been launched, and many well-known enterprise brands have been involved. On June 30, 2022, the team standard for the first hyaluronic acid sodium beverage in China was officially released, providing a strong shot for the long-term formal development of the industry.

This year, in the field of live streaming, multiple “collagen” oral products have shone brightly, with astonishing sales scale and pricing ranges generally exceeding 100 yuan. The post-90s and post-95s account for up to 50% of the oral beauty market, with huge consumption potential.

This time, Bianmei Diary is collaborating with Haoxiang Your Group. Bianmei Diary will once again leverage its advantages in medical beauty technology research and development. Haoxiang Your Group is also exploring the extension of its development towards youthfulness, functionality, composition, and technology.